Meet The Team

The coordinator manages the staff of TransLeeds and reports directly to the trustees. They're responsible for managing the day to day operations of the charity.

Tom ShillitoCoordinator

The Engagement Officer ensures that a quality service is provided to all service users. They are our main facilitator and responsible for running the Main Support Group and Mid Month Support Group.

Alex WattsEngagement Officer

The Outreach Officers engage new organisations, communities and partner agencies to forge strong bonds and widen the reach of TransLeeds to unfound groups.

Christina Maria GarciaOutreach Officer

The administrator is responsible for all the charity's administration and is first point of contact for TransLeeds through the primary email accounts.

Position VacantAdministrator

The Social Media Officer leads on social media and is in charge of all of TransLeeds social media accounts.

Maxwell HunterSocial Media Officer

James LowtherTransgender Awareness Trainer


Maxwell HunterChair
Shiv KaySecretary
Tom ShillitoTrustee and Coordinator (Staff Role)
Christina Maria GarciaDiversity and Inclusion