TransLeeds is ever growing and, like any other charity, one of the main things that limits the amount we can do is money. We don’t receive regular funding from the government, council or other organisation. We rely on donations from the public in order to support trans people in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Every little bit helps so much! £5 can help a trans person get to and from any of our events. £10 can print ten copies of our guide for GPs. £20 can feed the community at one of our events.

Thank you for supporting us and the community!

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How Donations Are Spent

Hiring Space
We pay regular rent for our headquarters where we host many of our events such as the Main Meeting and Film and Food Night.

We also hire social venues for some larger events like those around Trans Pride Leeds, Leeds Pride, and Trans Day of Remembrance.

Printed Media
Printing is expensive. We are trying to get our brochures into as many places as possible. The trans community has high levels of poverty so this year we are aiming to have a supply of brochures in every job centre in Leeds. We also want to reach out to more GP practices with out Guide for GPs Treating Transgender Patients. With more regular donations, we can produce more guides to help spread trans awareness in other areas.

Transport and Food for the Community
We help our service users getting to and from our support and social groups should they need financial aid.  We provide tea/coffee and snacks at most of our support groups, and feed the community during our Film and Food nights, as well as our dry socials.

Transport for Staff
We often have to travel a long way to support the community, either by attending appointments with our service users, or representing the community at national events. 

Besides venue hire, we also pay for guest speakers, voice coaching therapists, BSL translators, equipment hire.

Our Future Goals

Medium Term Goals
TransLeeds is run entirely by volunteers.  Eventually we would like to pay our staff for the hard work they do day in day out. Having regular donations will help us achieve that goal, and take on more specialist staff who can help support the community.

Long Term Goals
It is a long term goal of TransLeeds to open a transgender community centre in Leeds that will provide a safe social space to the community and a base for our work in raising trans awareness.