In Response to Daily Mail

An article was published by the Daily Mail regarding Leeds City Council’s new name and gender change procedure which, as mentioned in the article, TransLeeds helped implement. The tone of the article is as you would expect from the Daily Mail and was inaccurate.

Transgender people have always been able to self-declare their gender with council services. This is nothing new and is true across the country. This new system implemented by Leeds City Council streamlines the process and better protects sensitive information. Previously a trans person would have to change their name and gender with each department individually.

Trans people already had access to changing rooms and toilets guaranteed under the Equality Act 2010. This form is so that people can have their correct name and gender on documents relating to council services such as library cards and council tax bills.

We’re pleased to have worked with Leeds City Council to introduce this form which will make the process of changing name and gender with the Council much easier for trans people in Leeds. TransLeeds will support any organisation seeking to introduce similar policies.

TransLeeds was not the organiser of the protest against Jenni Murray. We stood alongside other trans, queer, feminist and arts organisations to oppose bigotry in our city.